Monday, May 2, 2011

Some Pleasant Surprises

Well, it's quite funny how life goes sometimes. Earlier last month I vowed to make 3 gowns a week, but my business started picking up, I am doing 3 shows for the month of May and I've gone to many business seminars.

I guess good intentions can sometimes be thwarted by better opportunities. I still intend to work hard on making 3 gowns a week, but I feel that my brides deserve my full undivided attention as well as the design competition I have been selected for.

For now, I am enjoying my busy schedule, I think it may be a sign that all my hard work is paying off. Goes to show that when you keep putting 110% for what really matters it will be worth all the hard work you put in.

Here is an update from the gown below, I had time to bead it before I got busy. I have been updating my facebook fan page "Gown Whisperer," check out the post and the new pics.


Boutique Website Design said...

Love her designs, they're always so different and inspiring!

Russell Yost said...

That embroidery is phenomenal!