Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just being happy

I am taking the time to post while I still have a teeny bit of time before it gets super duper crazy busy. I don't really want to use that saying "it's the calm before the storm," simply because the storm ahead for me are a ton of blessings.

I've worked hard to try to make this fashion dream come true and I'm getting all choked up just writing this. Just picture Miss America when they announce that she is a winner, she is normally poised and controlled. Then she realizes that all the work she has put into making her body look good, all the times she practiced saying the right things and all the times she missed out on eating cheesecake because she can't risk being chubbier than her competitors.

I feel this moment for me is finally coming and at least any doubt that I had about working in the fashion industry is simply gone. I am a fashion designer, I don't work part-time for anyone else. I have my own company, I work full-time for myself and the name my parents gave me will soon be a big brand name in bridal.

I built this from ground up and knowing at a young age that being a fashion designer was one of the biggest dreams I would ever have has helped me take steps each year towards one big dream.

Thank you to my apprentice Heidi who has helped me feel less stressed out about all these orders coming in. Thanks for helping my business grow!

Thank you to my loving and supportive family and most of all the love my life for being there to help me cope with the rough starts, the tough times and for the daily smiles and laughs. MWA!